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    Medical Contract Professional | Director of Managed Care and Revenue Cycle at CenseoHealth

    Patsy Gallian is a medical contract professional who specializes in medical billing, insurance claims, durable medical equipment, and medical compliance. She brings over 25 years of experience to the table as well as a reputation built on integrity, success, and a genuine passion for helping others. She is the CEO & Founder of Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting.


    Patsy decided to pursue a career in medicine after her mother passed away from cancer. She was only 12, but vividly remembers her father's concern and confusion over the medical bills. She vowed to help others going through similar experiences and built a career on this by specializing in medical billing.


    Over the course of her career, she has been employed by many organizations, but the vast majority focus on cancer research and treatment. After graduating from Colorado Technical University with a degree in Healthcare Management, Patsy Gallian established herself as a leader in her industry. Her many accomplishments include reducing accounts receivable days from 74 to 54 days in four months, increasing performance levels, and she has revolved numerous issues within the billing departments in which she has worked.


    During her time as Director of Managed Care/Revenue Cycle for CenseoHealth, Patsy Gallian was instrumental in developing and executing all aspects of compliance and improvement of patient evaluation processes, as well as billing and collection. She also grew to understand the legal aspect that goes hand in hand with the aforementioned processes. Patsy prides herself on her ongoing inclination to learn and grow with every new experience and opportunity she is privy to.


    Now, as the owner of her own business, Patsy has the opportunity to take all that she has learned and pour it into making Revivfy Revenue Cycle Consulting the best it can possibly be. Her passion, knowledge, and care truly set her and her business apart.


    In her spare time, Patsy Gallian is a travel enthusiast, dog lover, proud grandmother, and an antique furniture restorer. However, her most notable interest is empowering other female leaders. She belongs to the Women's Empowerment Collective, which aims to assist women in the advancement of their careers through conferences, panels, and networking events.

  • Patsy's Hobbies & Interests

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    Patsy loves to travel with her husband who is a retired military veteran. Travel is her way to relax and unwind. Her favorite trip to date was her road trip to the Grand Canyon


    Patsy is a loving dog mom to Bella, a French Bulldog with a massive personality. Patsy makes sure Bella knows she is well-loved and enjoys playing, snuggling with her as well as taking her for walks.

    Antique Furniture Restoration

    Patsy has many hidden talents and restoring antique furniture happens to be one of them! She loves restoring antiques to their former glory and enjoys learning about their history.

    Female Empowerment

    Patsy is a member of the Women's Empowerment Collective. She is always looking for ways to help other female leaders succeed in their endeavors. The group aims to bring other female leaders from a wide variety of industries to learn from each other and provide professional development opportunities.


    Patsy is an avid fan of the New Orleans Saints.

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